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AFTEREFFECT will be the fight with some dark force. You will be a poor guy who has to fight with demons to live. This game will deal with some details from Five Nights at Freddy’s.



AFTEREFFECT will be the new fight of you and some other players. This game allows you to play online, and the world that you are about to get in will be very big. In this place, all the monsters will try to get to you. And your job will be to fight with them if you want to live. They are machines, and some of them will be actual demons.

These demons have brought you here, and you have to play their game to live. Over time, you will learn how to keep yourself safe from these monsters. We will give you more and more help when you come to the main page of us.

This Five Nights at Freddy’s is not that the same as other games. You have a choice. This time you will go on an adventure in a horror world. You have to make a lot of decisions in the gameplay. This game will teach you how to win a horror game.

AFTEREFFECT Free Download is now fully opened for you!


by: SpleeTeam @SpleeTeam

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