Afton’s Revenge

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Afton’s Revenge Free Download brings horror battles in the darkroom. Pick up your weapon and destroy the scary animatronic, or you will become the prey.

Afton's Revenge Free Download
Afton’s Revenge

Afton’s Revenge Free Download

Afton’s Revenge brings breathtaking moments of action. The game is a combination of action, adventure, and horror. You will accompany William Afton, who is pitiful to be one of the animatronics. After 30 years stuck in an animatronic form, you can take revenge on your villains. Take your weapon, and get ready for a powerful journey of revenge.

You have to deal with terrifying animatronic. You wander in a dark room and use security cameras to find hiding places, like other FNaF Fan Games. You analyze your environment, plan your actions, and get ready to destroy your opponents. The game has lots of animatronics lurking around, and you should be wary not to get attacked. You try to roam the map, and collect more items to power your revenge. Also, look for secret tapes and articles.

Afton’s Revenge Free Download allows you to experience as a powerful Springtrap, and ready to avenge your opponent with the colossal ax. You harvest Remnant to unlock new levels, and extras. Everything makes sense, and get ready to unravel the mysteries, and destroy the evil animatronics.


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