Bonetale: Sans vs Frisk (Undertale fangame)

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Bonetale: Sans vs. Frisk Free Download will help you download the main game. You need to connect to our page so a new update can come to you. This game will be free and so do the other updates of it.

About the main story:

The main story of this game is short, and all you need to do is fight with Frisk. He is the demon that comes from hell. And he is also the one who takes you to his hell.

Right at the moment he saw you, he decided to take a joke on you. And San, you need to fight, or this will end with your blood on the floor.

Bonetale: Sans vs. Frisk (Undertale fangame) will allow you to take some new skills. You can teleport from this place to another. You can also knock Frisk back when he comes too close to you.

This game also allows you to perform some skills. Once you master them, you will have your chance to win this Bonetale Game. About the download, our web will help you with that.

Your life is short so you need to make it useful. The monsters and challenges in this game will not  go easy on you. But Sans, you will have our help to come through all the struggle in the game play! Fight!


by: Woloned @Woloned

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