CASE: Animatronics

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Case: Animatronics is a new kind of game, and it also has a story for you to read. This story will tell you about the battle of your life with some machines. A weird guy made these machines, but he is not the cause of this mess.
Something has taken over the body of these machines and then started to act strange. They come to customers and then try to eat them alive. Maybe they have succeeded in doing that because this restaurant has been locked down since then.

CASE: Animatronics Free Download
CASE: Animatronics

These monsters come right into your office and then try to do the same thing with you like the other people. You shall have the chance to defeat them, win this game and then destroy that restaurant. But to do that, you need to kill all the monsters. And survive till the last night in the FNAF game. Players will have all the help they need, but they are alone. No one can play with them.

Case: Animatronics Free Download will help you bring this game home. Enjoy the gameplay!


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