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Chomper’s is about a restaurant, and this is where some machine puppets have been made. They were based on the animal to make these machines. Each one of them has their style and color. But some bad things happen to this place, so the owner has to shut it down, even when these machines are still new.


FNAF Games will continue that story by adding some horror when you come back to this place to find out the truth about this horrible place. You have run into big trouble, and that might take your life away.

These machines are alive and even when no one here can control them. So what is inside them for real? You are the only one who can help people in your town to make clear about this place. They count on you and players, and there will be more complexity than you think it will be. Monsters everywhere you go, they never think about giving you a chance to escape. Kill or be killed!

Download Chomper’s free. You have your game in the PC version.


by: Ultranite @Ultranite

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