Christmas with Freddy’s

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Christmas with Freddy’s will be the life of you and some monsters. They are the machines that have been abandoned in your house for a long time. You find them broken and also have some blood on them. They are too creepy, so you decide to leave them there.

Christmas with Freddy’s

But they will not stay there like that. These machines somehow wake up and try to get out of this house. And the next thing they will do will be killing you. If you don’t move fast, you will be the next dead body in this place.

The FNaF Games page is where you can have all the machines and monsters from the original game. This version will allow you to have more fights, but not with monsters. This fight will be your and other players. Players can be the victim and also be the hunter in this game. Each time you come to the game, you will have a different role.

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by: PowerLine Studios @PowerLine_Studios

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