Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL

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Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL is a horror battleground. In this place, you will have the main screen where you can watch for all the movement. Each time some monsters come to you, you can know where they are and make your plan first. They will move from all directions and try to get to your location. But that will not be stopping you from trying to find a way to defeat them.

Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL

FNaF fangame is a page where you can find some horror games. You can also download some songs from this page. They will make your gameplay even better. We can give you any help that you want.

And the battle for life is a good way for you to find your skill. The more skill you have in this game, the better you will find your victory point. In this version, you can join the offline mode. It will be where you show your skill and also your technique.

Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL Download Free for players on PC. This is a horror game that has been completed for a long time.


by: Delta Development @ObsoleteJames

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