Clickertale 3

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Clickertale 3 Free Download is an adventure horror game. People come to this one and try to find out what will be in the game features.

How to get some Totems in the game: 

There will be many ways for you to get these items. But we will give you three most straightforward ways to get it. 

  • Completing all the missions will allow you to get some of them. This is the easiest way for you to get Totems. And it would be best if you had them for your next challenge.
  • The second way for you to get some Totems is to fight monsters. If you successfully kill a monster in this Clickertale 3 game. You will have your chance to own a Totem or some of them. 
  • The last way for you to get this one is to explore the world. During your journey, you can find some of the Totems. They will be in the deepest place or the highest one of the game. 

Extra challenge mode: 

This is a new mod for us, and you need to complete them to prove that you master this game. And the challenge will never end until you fall on your knees. 

A better way to win these challenges comes with your support. Maybe a friend, a pet, or some other NPCs who can help you in Clickertale 3 Game.


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