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Custody will be that free horror game you need to have on your PC. There will be more things about his version if you look at the FNAF Fan games page.


Custody Story

Custody will be more about the fear in your horror life. You will need to kill all the monsters you see when coming to this game. They will gather themselves on the final night, which is when you need to face them all.

So you should kill any one of them when you have your chance. In this way, there will be a lower chance for you to lose in this version of the game. We don’t have many tips for you to win this game. But you should check for all the help you could find in this version, such as new features and tools.

This help will be hidden on the main page of us. So you need to take a look at the main page to find your support. The FNAF Fan games is about making your fight start and end at the same time.

Custody Free Download is started, and you need to get it right now. You should check for all the help we have for the game.


by: BautistaV @BautistaV

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