DanBear’s: Neon Party

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DanBear’s: Neon Party free download will bring a different story for you. In this story, you have to find your daughter, who has been captured by the Five Nights at Freddy’s.

DanBear's: Neon Party Free Download
DanBear’s: Neon Party

About DanBear’s: Neon Party

DanBear’s: Neon Party free download brings you more than just a game to enjoy. This version will have a full story for you to read. And the characters in this game will be limited. But we will update new monsters for you later.

The story of DanBear’s: Neon Party:

There will be more for you to learn in this game, but your loss will never change. This game asks you to find out what happened to your daughter. And she was lost in a horror place. Some machines have captured her.

Ryan Farnsworth will be the owner of this place. You can ask him anything you need to know in the gameplay. He will help you to find where your daughter will be. At the end of this game, you will have to fight monsters. It will be the fate that you can never escape from.

FNaF fan games will be the series of horror games you have to visit. It brings you nothing but fun games and fear.



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