Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s

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Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s Free Download takes place in another FnaF timeline. You will discover Fredbear’s – the ultimate and incredibly bizarre pizza shop. The change of story makes things seem more interesting, and also more unpredictable. Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza was shut down, and many children fell victim to the same fate. Everything is still a mystery.

Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear's Free Download
Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s

You infiltrate Fredbear’s to learn strange things, and animatronics are waiting for you. A creepy story to learn about the perpetrators of the children. However, the answer is not Freddy, and you need to dig into the long night to find out the strange mystery. The gameplay is familiar to Fan games, but the challenges are not accessible.

It would help if you had a lot of skill, concentration, and observation to win the harrowing storyline. You watch, and avoid, the animatronic bodies in the dark, and find ways to free yourself. Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s has many challenges, exciting minigames. It would be best if you won all of the game’s challenges to open the end of the whole mysterious event. Stay focused and get ready for classic jumpscare moves!


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