Eddie and the Misfits

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Eddie and the Misfits shall show you no mercy, and you must kill to win your life back. There will be many things stopping you from getting away from trouble. You need to stay focused and try anything you have to win this challenge. Also, in this game, you will meet some monsters that appear in the FNAF original.

Eddie and the Misfits

You need to find all the mysteries in the game to find the best way to escape. FNAF Games will be the collection you need to take a look at. This version of the game has been completed, but if there are any bugs. It would be best if you tried to contact us and give us feedback. We will adjust the game as soon as we see your report.

Download Eddie and the Misfits free will be easier to do if you have a PC. You can download another version of this game to play on your mobile. But the best experience will always be on the PC. What do you think about this horror game?


by: Ramenov @Ramenov

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