Fazbear’s Fright: Storage

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Fazbear’s Fright: Storage will tell you about an old story when players will be trapped in a house. This house will be full of monsters, and you need to make sure you are safe. There will be a room where you can stay and wait until the daylight comes up.

Fazbear's Fright: Storage Free Download
Fazbear’s Fright: Storage

This is when all the monsters stay in their place. And keep you some time to wander around the house. You need to save these times to find some clues, items, and other things that can help you win the game. In this game, you shall have a lot of help. But to win it, you need to count on yourself. There will be no one who can help you, and you need to play this alone.

FNaF4 will be the collection that you need to jump in. This place will never let you escape that easily. But you can kill all the monsters then find a way out. The monsters are not immortal!

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