Five Nights At Bonnie’s 2 Remake

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Five Nights At Bonnie’s 2 Remake Free Download is not a new game. This one has been remade, and added some new things into it. Fangame will help you with the gameplay.

Five Nights At Bonnie’s 2 Remake for PC allows you to have more than just a horrible nightmare. This game will send you back to the original gameplay but with a new story.

In this world, there will be no other way for you to win but face the monsters. All of them will come from the horror FNAF. And they all will give you no chance to fight back when the night comes.

Five Nights At Bonnie’s 2 Remake and new things in it:

  • We have a new mode for you, and that will be the extra mode. This will be the mode that brings you a new battle.
  • The final night will be harder to win when you come to it. It brings you jumpscare and horror voices.
  • The new sound is added to the game.
  • This game also brings you the endless mode, but some bugs will need to be fixed.
  • Fangame will bring you this game for free. The download is on the main page, and the update is ready for you!


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