Five Nights at F***boy’s 3: Final Mix is your horror game. It will be on your PC if you follow our page and hit the like button. This game brings you more monsters from the last version and then adds a new feature for you. Here is some feature you might want to try:

Five Nights at F***boy’s 3: Final Mix
  • You will have to fight monsters, but they also ask you to have a rap battle with them. If you win, they will give you some time to run and find an escape. But if you lose, there will be no easier mode for you. They will hunt you down as fast as they can!
  • FNaF fangame will give you more chance to fight with monsters. Fan-Made monsters!
  • There will be some sex in this game, such as the Foxy masturbating. When you see it, you better run because that will also be when it is on high mode. You will not be safe.

Download Five Nights at F***boy’s 3: Final Mix free!


by: Sable Lynn & Joshua Shaw @JoshySugar

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