Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated

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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated Free Download is ready. We have many other games that can give you the fear you need on FNAF fan games. Unique and scary!

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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated download is a normal game with the old scary style. In this game, you will need to fight with a train, and it is Thomas. He will appear when the night comes or when your office runs out of coal.

Five Nights at Thomas's: Dehydrated Free Download
Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated

In this version, we will use coal and replace it with another energy. You can not have your office light without refilling this every night.

There will be two modes for you to choose from in this game too. Each mode will send you a different style of gameplay.

FNAF games have added some sound effects that can change the mode of your game. be sure that you try them all!

The American and British mode. And there will be some changes we will make in the next version. Gameplay will show you all about them!

Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated has only one monster for you to fight with. But he will come in a different time and way. Please don’t wait for him, and you need to find and then kill him before I do that to you!


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