Five Ventures With 39

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Five Ventures With 39 Free Download delivers a whole new story around 39 and his friends in an odd world. Here, the evil rises and takes over, causing impeded doom to the universe.

Five Ventures With 39 Free Download
Five Ventures With 39

39 then, along with a Hero, Warrior, Mage, and Priest decide to utilize their inner power to save the world. They will venture to 8 palaces to destroy the Evil Kings as well as The Three Variants.

The story starts with 39 taken his pill in an alley then passed out. You are now 39, summoned by a masked person. He is the one telling you what has happened, and the fate of the universe is now in your hands.

You will, after that, reunite with your friends, who have dies before, ride on together and fight against the evils. It’s all like a lucid dream but also true. What challenges you are not only the bad guys but also how to master your abilities.

Get up, escape the fear and join the team to save the world in Fire Ventures with 39.


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