FNIA: Expanded

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FNIA: Expanded Free Download will be a fun game for you. FNAF fan games is the page where you can download and adjust the game bugs by your new support system.

FNIA: Expanded Free Download
FNIA: Expanded

About FNIA: Expanded

FNIA: Expanded download getting ready for the main page. This will be the page where you can download our game. And then we will bring you all the needed details about this game.

The horror sexy night:

You will work for the FNIA Convention as a nightguard. And there will be five days for you to stay in this place.

The horror monsters from this place will soon come for you. But they will come with anime style. And that will be an entertaining adventure for you.


The monster of FNIA: Expanded will have a sexy body, and they will use it to fool you. Once you lose your attention, they will come and end your life.

Players should find some other room different from the office one. Then you will find all the needed clues to win this game.

FNAF fan games will decorate the whole place in anime style. And you will need to join this battle to know what these monsters can do. They look good inside and will be evil!


by: Jester07 @Jester07

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