FNIA: Ultimate Location (Five Nights in Anime 3) FNaF fangame is a new update for players who already have the original game. There will be some new locations in this game. Players can take their time to wander and explore all the maps. The game will send some monsters to your game at night. So be careful they will try to catch you if you show them any details of your existence.

FNIA: Ultimate Location download free for pc
FNIA: Ultimate Location

This game is based on the original FNAF game, and it has all the things you might find in the old version. The way you fight will not be different, but the way you end this game must be unique. There will be many different endings in this version. You can make your choice on which one you need to do.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will always be the game you need on your PC. This game can bring you all the big fear and if there is anything wrong with it, contact us!

Download FNIA: Ultimate Location (Five Nights in Anime 3) FNaF fangame free for your PC is not that hard. You can check for all the steps we give you to download this game. The more you stay on our page, the better you will know about this horror series and sexy game. They might look attractive, but they can also kill you in one second. So don’t risk your life for nothing!


By: Mairusu @Mairusu

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