Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused)

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Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused) is an offline game, and in this, you can be a nightguard. Your job will be to fight with all the monsters living in this place. They stay here for a long time, and they wait for someone to meet them. When you feel a slight chill in your back, this is the time they come to you. These monsters will take anything you have and then be replaced by dead and nightmares.

Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights

It would be best if you stayed focused, or the last thing you see before you die will be their face. FNaF fangame will keep improving this game for you. The next version of the game will be better. Players can check for anything they want from the main page, such as monsters and features. If there is anything we can help you win this game, you can ask us in the comment box.

Download Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused) free, and get all the other games you like. We hope you could leave a comment or anything such as like and comment. A better game!


by: Fox Golden Heart @FoxGoldenHeart

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