Fun Times at Homer’s

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Fun Times at Homer’s will be that horror game you need to try for one time in your life. This game not only shows players how an FNAF fan game can make them scared. But also, this game will help players know better about the central tale of five horror nights.

Fun Times at Homer's Free Download
Fun Times at Homer’s

This game will come with some songs, they are fan-made, and some will be original. When players hear a song, this also means some bad things are aiming at your place. And it would be best if you repaired your weapon to get over this challenge.

FNAF Songs are in any corner of this game. You can hear and download all the songs you like from this page. We will give you all these productions for free. Also, in this version, you can play offline and online mode. Each mode will ask you to give permission for some features. Allow them, and you shall get to the fear of gameplay.

Fun Times at Homer’s Free Download is always on for you. Check for the description!


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