Golden Memory Remastered

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Golden Memory Remastered is a game for you with all the horror elements. In this game, you can download anything from the monsters to songs and sounds. You can change the whole game. This is just a demo, so you need to wait for the complete version. But it still allows you to add a save game. And you can come back later to continue your battle.

Golden Memory Remastered Free Download
Golden Memory Remastered

Five Nights at Freddy’s is not a new game, but this fan-made has changed the world of horror games. There will be many monsters living in this place and will try to hunt you down. The biggest and scariest one will be the Golden Freddy.

He is speedy and can kill you any time he wants. This version of the game will bring you three more monsters. And the next update will have more for you to choose from. Each night passes, you will have to fight one more monster.

Golden Memory Remastered Free Download is done. You can download and enjoy the game now!


Developer: Wester @Wester

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