Mario’s Nights

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Mario’s Nights will give you a Mario, but he will not be like you think he will be. FNaF-fan games will change during the gameplay and the main style of you.

Mario's Nights Free Download
Mario’s Nights

Mario’s Nights Story

Mario’s Nights is a game, and in this game, you shall have more fun instead of fear. You need to find someone who can play with you and help you go through all the game challenges. This version will soon send you mobile gameplay so you can have more time to play your battle.

When the final night comes, some creatures will gather around your office. This is when you need to fight to make your way out of this place. These monsters may be the characters of a funny game called Mario.

But somehow, they turn into monsters, and now they will come for you. If you want to kill them, you need to kill your fear first. They live and find you depend on your fear level. FNaF fan game has added a feature that can make your game scarier base on the fear you have. You need to defeat these features if you want to win the game.

Mario’s Nights Free Download is jumping up and down to wait for you. Get it now!


by: Mayhew @M_A

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