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MELODIES: REDUX + BUNNYHOP Free Download will send you to a small place. This will be where you find your horror nightmare from the FNAF World.

MELODIES: REDUX + BUNNYHOP is easy to play. This game is working, and we will soon bring it to you. Right now, you can read this post to know better about the incoming game.


The battle will be between you and the Bunny monsters. There will be many of them, and some of the puppets will come from the original FANF.

This fight will not be easy for you, so you better try all you have in this game as soon as you lay your feet in the horror restaurant. Run and hide will be what you can do!

We have five nights for you in this game. Each night you will battle with the same monster. But these monsters will become stronger over time. Trying to fight harder is needed.

FNAF World: This is not an open-world game. Your playground will be limited, but you can explore more when update ready.

There will be some more fun games like this one on our page. You can join us and download more games for your PC and mobile phone.


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