Mugen Battle Mania

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Mugen Battle Mania is an arena you need to get in and win all the fights. Fan games will have some new characters that belong to this game.

Mugen Battle Mania Free Download
Mugen Battle Mania

Mugen Battle Mania Story

Mugen Battle Mania is a game that allows you to get in a battle between you and other players. In this game, you will need to fight and defeat others to win. And you can make your choice plentiful. There will be more and more characters for you to choose and select. This game will help you know better about the FANF world and other characters from the cartoon world.

Fangame is where you can get this game, and there will be some changes you can get from this page. This version of the game will soon be changed so players could have more experiences. In the gameplay, you will see some battles that you have never seen before. When the fight starts, there must be a lose and win, man. You could play with the PC to make your game be more fun. That could also be where you train your skill and fight your opponent.

Mugen Battle Mania Free Download is now running well and ready to be installed. Get your game now!


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