Obsolete:After the Accident

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Obsolete: After the Accident is a new game,, and in this version,, you shall see some unique features:

Obsolete:After the Accident
  • This game has some new voices from actors that we have recorded and adjusted. They will send you some new feelings about monsters coming to you and also deadly things.
  • Each monster in this game will have its own style and fashion. Each time they show up, you will never get what they can do.
  • Fan Games always have an extra mode, and this one will have that too. Players can use this mode to make their game easier. Even when you have no online play this mode, you still can try it offline.
  • This game will keep the original music and song. You can also download them in the box below. We will add more fun files for you so you can add to your game.

Obsolete:After the Accident, DownloadFree will send this game to your PC. Check out for all the steps we give you in the box below.


by: CIPKAP_Games @CIPKAP_Games

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