Original Location

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The Original Location will be that FNAF game you have to play to understand this game’s whole story. Your fight will soon start when you enter this place. They welcome you, so don’t be shy. Until the last night of this game, you will be safe.

Original Location

Also, in the game, you will play the role of a student who needs to have a part-time job. You also were forced to have a whole week’s work. This will be your job until the five nights end, and you can have all your money.

That will be when you have your mind set up and realize some monsters are trying to hurt you. They knock on the doors and try to come to your place. Your job will be stopping them from getting in your office and fighting for a win. The monsters in FNaF fangame is not that much scary, so you can stay calm and try to find victory.

Downloading Original Location free for your PC now causes that will be the chance to have more experience.


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