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POPGOES Arcade is a horror game, and we bring you this game to show you how scary an FNAF game can be. In the gameplay, you need to stay in a room. And there will be some tools for you inside that room.


You can use the camera to watch for any move in your restaurant. The camera will have a recode mode. Players can use this mode to catch all the monsters they might run into. This camera also works at night, so you better save energy to use it when the night comes.

FNAF minigames are what you can find in this game. You can play some mini-games and earn gold, exp in this game. They will allow you to buy some new skin for your character and machines. Your game will be better with all the updates that we are about to give you. This is a free and exciting game for beginners.

Download POPGOES Arcade free now or never. This is a demo version for you, so make your game complete with all the updates.


by: Kane Carter @KaneCarter

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