Post-Shift: Custom Night

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Post-Shift: Custom Night Free Download will allow you to use your skill in the best way. All the gifts we have will help you win the FNAF fan games. No doubt!

About Post-Shift: Custom Night

Post-Shift: Custom Night download is a custom game. And the main gameplay will have no story for you to read. But it will be the same with other games from FANF. You will be a night watchman, and your job is to keep the property here safe.

Post-Shift: Custom Night Free Download
Post-Shift: Custom Night

They will have some machines, and you will need to check them each night you are here. But these machines seem to be alive. Don’t ever stay still. They will come for you!

Post-Shift: Custom Night gameplay:

The battle you will have is simple. All you need to do is complete all the missions and kill each machine we send. The custom mode will allow you to pick up the machines and then fight with them. There will be a limit for your machine number.


There will be five nights, and each night will send you a challenge. It would help if you ended that challenge, or machines of FNAF fan games will soon come for you. And they will not be friendly. They kill for fun!


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