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Project-Glowstick Free Download offers fun and scary pizzeria. Everything is not simple, and you will meet unique animatronics.

Project-Glowstick Download is a fun game from the Scott Cawthon universe. Players will reencounter familiar animatronics, and all of them take on new forms.

An overview of the game

The game belongs to JoeOneKnows, and you can download the game for free on gamejolt. The game is based on the ideas of the project That Nights at Fredbear’s 2019 (Nikson). Of course, the game has many unique points of its own.

The player wakes up in an unfamiliar pizza restaurant, and you don’t have any memories.

You are lonely and can’t find pictures of your parents and friends at the pizzeria. The building has weird sounds, and you’ll have a night to remember!


Project-Glowstick has many new features, including

  • The game offers excellent gameplay like the original version of Scott Cawthon.
  • The animatronics are very smart and exciting. You will have many great experiences with the game.
  • You are free to move around the map, and you need to use tools to dodge the animatronics.


In short, you should download the game to your PC and enjoy the nights at the Pizza shop.

Check out the Project-Glowstick download and get ready for new horror nights!


by: JoeOneKnows @JoeOneKnows

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