Rejected Custom Night 2

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Rejected Custom Night 2 is a game that gives you the chance to make your challenge. Each time you choose a monster, you will reach a higher level. And this means you will have to fight more challenges over time.

Rejected Custom Night 2

Each one of these monsters can give you fear, but only some of them can really kill you. This is how the game works, and you need to find out for yourself. The monsters in this game have some special skills, and they can use these skills on you.

Ultimate Custom Night will be the series of horror games you need to try. All the games inside this will be free for you, and you can download them from our main website. If you have any questions, you could ask us. We will give you the answer as soon as possible.

Rejected Custom Night 2 Free Download is a good chance for you to have your horror game. This feature is free and helps you download your horror game quicker.


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