Sans Simulator

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Sans Simulator Free Download is an amazing 2D arcade game. The game is the right choice if you like Undertale. The game offers many tough battles with boss Sans.

An overview of the game

The game is an indie project by NekoGlass. Toby Fox’s Undertale inspires the game.

You can download the game for free on gamejolt. You will discover many exciting things in the free game. The gameplay is as simple as Undertale.


Sans Simulator has many lovely things such as:

  • Players choose their favorite version of Sans. Each version of Sans has unique challenges and experiences. If you’re a fan of the original version, then you’ll love the “classic” Sans character.
  • The game introduces many familiar characters from the Undertale series: Papyrus, Chara, and Toriel. Each character will bring challenges.
  • You can dress up the character Sans through many different fashion styles. Every outfit is amazing.
  • The 2D graphics are just as excellent as Undertale. The game has Sans – one of those iconic characters with a weird smile.
  • You use the keyboard to control the heart. However, you can use the controller to increase your chances of winning.


In short, the game is fun and simple for fans of Undertale. The game is fast-paced, so you have to try to concentrate on each level.

Choose your favorite character and participate in exciting battles in the excellent Fan game!


by: NekoGlass @NekoGlass

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