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Scooped! is not a high texture game, but it will make your night a bad dream. This is a new version of the remake Fangame, and you will soon like this game.


Scooped! Free Download

Scooped! will allow you to have more fun than more fear. In the gameplay, you can face some monsters, and they will be scarier. If players want to win them, they need to get to the end of this game. The final night will be very different. And each time you win a fight, you will have your chance to learn more about the story of this game.

We have added some new features for this game so you can join the online mode. You will never have to fight alone in this game anymore. Players will be allowed to meet some monsters that do not even appear in the original game.

They will try to find you, so you better stay in your hideout. If they come to you, hit them and run. This is the only way for you to stay alive and win the game. Fangame has a support post where you can know better about your game.

Scooped! Free Download is now free for you. Get your game and join your battle.


by: Wheattt @Stonebana

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