If you are interested in The Banana Splits Movie. Don’t miss The Banana Splits: Sloppy Nights APK for Android Free Download. This is just what you need now.

The Banana Splits: Sloppy Nights

The Banana Splits: Sloppy Nights APK for Android Free Download is a an android game released by Fazie Funbear. This original game was inspired by The Banana Splits Movie, an American-Canadian comedy horror film. You can see the characters of Hanna-Barbera 1968 children’s television series again. But they were put into a horror game for Android devices.

The story took place on October 19th, 2019, when a serial murder occurred at an abandoned tape studio. Since then, rumors began to appear about the real killer behind the terrible crimes. Austin, a trainee at an unknown production studio decide to make a reboot of The Banana Splits Show.

You play as Austin and slowly uncover the secrets behind the animatronic mascots. This FNaF Android allows you to customize and select the difficulty of your animatronic pals. Your goal is to solve the fun and tough challenges.

With the simple gameplay and funny modes, The Banana Splits: Sloppy Nights APK For Android is worth playing for hours. Although it is launched on another platform, the story and the gameplay will not be affected by all the changes.


by: Fazie @FazieFunbear

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