[The Fredbear Archives]

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[The Fredbear Archives] is a horror room where you have to stay until the last night over. This place will be full of monsters, and only some of them will show you their weakness. The other monsters will hunt you and try to kill you. One wrong step from you could bring a giant mistake.

[The Fredbear Archives]
This horror game required a very high performance from your PC. So you need to read the warning of the game. It will show you if your PC can run and install this game or not. Also, in most of your battles, there will be some original songs. Players can download this song as long as they follow the Five Nights at Freddy’s page.

In this game, players will have some items that they can find in the room. Using them to fight with monsters will help you win faster and safer. Downloading this game is not that hard. You can get the game when you download [The Fredbear Archives] free open. This is a free game, come and enjoy it!


by: Rarithlynx @Rarithlynx

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