The Freddy Files

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The Freddy Files will have many different games for you to play. You can join these mini-games and bring more fun and fear back. These games are a good way for you to find some clues about your kidnapping. You were not in this place the first time, but you can not get out of this if they don’t allow you to.

The Freddy Files

FNaF fangame has added some new features for you. Check out for some of them and enjoy the game:

  • Machines in this game will be new for you. They come with a different outlook than other monsters. You have to fight them in many battlegrounds.
  • We will add some new extra features. You can check for these features in the game menu post.
  • This game will run in 2D and 3D graphics. You can play this one on PC and also on mobile. You can download this game for free and get all adjustments from us.

The Freddy Files Download Free for your machine. If you need some help, call for our support!


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