The Lost Ones 2: Remastere

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The Lost Ones 2: Remastered Free Download brings horror moments in a modern building. You are a lone worker and have to fight a mysterious cult and horror zombies.

The Lost Ones 2: Remastere Free Download
The Lost Ones 2: Remastere

Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Lost Ones 2 (Original)

The Lost Ones 2: Remastered is the successful version, and many improvements over the first game. The game brings a lot of ghosts and haunting sounds. You play as an employee working at night in a building. You are alone, and everything is not that simple on a quiet night. Your mission is to keep the entire building safe, and use your flashlight to explore dark areas. Computer screens kept flickering, rooms locked, and the emergence of horrifying monsters.

You are faced with many horror monsters, and all the phobias are constantly on the move. You solve puzzles, and use items to stop monsters from entering your office. You must learn about the origin of the mysterious sect, and learn about the character Pandora- a nightmare full of disgust in The Lost Ones 2: Remastered.

Begin the challenges, and use the flashlight to save yourself from the night. The game is full of great gameplay, and this is reminiscent of the drama of Five Nights at Freddy’s. I hope you become the first survivor guard at the haunted building!


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