The Rebirth of Darkness

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The Rebirth of Darkness Free Download brings tense and beautiful moments. The camera system contains a lot of images of scary animatronics.

The Rebirth of Darkness Download is a horror and fun game.

Download the game and feel the nights in your life!

An overview of the game

DarkGamerSalvage is the creator of the game.

The player is a guy from the United States. You are of Latin American nationality, and you are a security guard of the company Dark fantasy world for a week.

However, everything is terrifying, and you have to survive the horror nights!


The Rebirth of Darkness has many new features, including:

  • The game has familiar and exciting gameplay. Players are security guards, and you will have many hard nights with the animatronics.
  • Players use limited resources. You can close the door and turn off the lights to limit the entry of the animatronics.
  • The game is compatible with handheld controllers.


In short, the game offers difficult nights and many strange things. You need to use resources wisely. The game has high-quality 3D graphics and lots of weird sounds.

Check out FNAF games and go on a new adventure in the Dark fantasy world!


by: DarkGamerSalvage @DarkGamerSalvage

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