Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt

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Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt is a horror game, and you will live in this game for five nights. Players will need to move from this place to another if they want to find monsters and clues. Some information only can be found on the monster’s body, so you need to take the risk and get close to them.

Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt

FNAF Games will be the page you need to come and download this game for your PC. The first room will be your office, and you can stay here as long as you want to. But there will be some monsters trying to get in your place.

Players can spot their moves on the camera and plan a way to get rid of them. There will be some new features coming to your game. Pay your attention, and you shall win it. Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt Download Free is now open for you. You can have this game on the PC. But if you want a mobile version, we also have one on this page.


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