Tyke and Sons Lumber Co

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Tyke and Sons Lumber Co is an adventure and open-world game. Inside this game, you will have your chance to make some money and build your world. Your mission will not be simple. It would be best if you fought with some monsters and some of them will try to stop you from winning.

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co

This game will allow you to play some mini-game. With all these games you could have more fun and more gold. Use all the gold you have to buy some new items and even change your outlook.

Fan Game is the main page of us, and you can enjoy our game on PC. This adventure game will have some things to deal with the FNAF horror game. You can fight with monsters and earn some exp from them. But if you lose your character, you will lose some of his money. To the players, this is not a challenging game.

Download Tyke and Sons Lumber Co free and try to make your build bigger. Have fun, players!


by: Mixlas @Mixlas

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