Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game

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Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game Free Download will send you to a prominent place. Your job here will be to fight with all the Fnaf fan games puppets machines. They are evil, and they are alive!

Visiting Fazbears for PC will allow you to meet some demons. They come from hell, and no one knows why they want to hurt people here. All you know will be a fight if you’re going to live and walk your way out of here.

Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game story:

This game will be about your life in a horror place. You take the job and have no idea about what is in this place. You fight and run from monsters. They used to be the machines that work for this Fat Bear Diner restaurant. But right now, all they want will be killing you.

New graphic improvement:

This game will allow you to see the different versions of FNAF. The graphics of this game have been remade. All you see will be 3D textures and also better sound effects.

Fnaf fan games can make your nightmare come true. And no one knows what will happen in that dream. The puppet skill combo will be the new thing in this game. They will use that to fight you again!


by: TheDanieru @TheDanieru

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