A Night at Fanny’s 2

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A Night at Fanny’s 2 is a strategy Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. It’s free for you to download and challenge your own survivability in front of bizarre rivals!

Why do you appear in A Night at Fanny’s 2?

You are a night watchman working at a local fan shop, Ferdinand’. It is the location where workers have been designing all-new fans.

Meanwhile, the alarm system is failing temporarily. Therefore, they need and hire you to watch over those models and prevent burglars from stealing them.

How to complete the mission

  • You will stay in a very dark office and you must supervise every area.
  • Note that the blades of these fans are metal and they are extremely sharp. Hence, you should look after your fingers.
  • Similar to Fnaf games, they will be antagonists that you have to fend off.

A Night at Fanny’s 2 is a part of an individual one-week game challenge. Enter the room and open devices!


by: Garrett McKay

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