Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game)

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Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game) is a free download action fan game of the horror Five Nights at Freddy’s title. Conquer levels and prevent animatronics from killing you!

Fazbear's Shootout

About Fazbear’s Shootout

It is your first day at Fazbear Entertainment! You will have the chance to check out an arcade machine. Especially, you don’t need to implement any mission except for playing on that device.

The company guarantees that they’ll use the coins or the credits that you have spent on the arcade smartly. Additionally, they promise not to give your earnings away to corporate entities to please the investors.

These are the main features in-game.

There will be various stages coming up with their own theme.

  • Furthermore, there are items to purchase.
  • The re-playable value is available to experience.
  • Besides, you can find custom OST.

Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game) is a shooter where you will be the winner if you survive. Utilize WASD keys to move, Left mouse/Right mouse/A to control items, E to interact.


by: UE4-FNaF-FanGame-Dev

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