Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE]

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Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE] Free Download brings horror scenes at the Pizzeria store in 1987. You solve a lot of challenging puzzles here.

Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE] Free Download
Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE]


Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE] is about an abandoned Pizzeria store. You discover everything in 1987 – a time when the cameras were very outdated. The Pizzeria Store is a gathering place for animated video game machines, and this place is beautiful to children and a wide range of customers. However, normalness happens only during the day, and weird things happen at night.

Players play a guard on night duty (working hours from 12am to 6am) in Abandoned Fazbear Diner [OUTDATED_REMAKE]. Your job is to keep security, and make sure everything is safe. However, you are quickly awakened, and harassed by unusual, and strange mysterious behaviors. You need to regularly check the camera system and pay attention to the location of the animatronics. You get surprised, and get attacked if you ignore the animatronics change too.

You use flashlights, and masks to protect yourself from attack. You manage with flashing lights, loud noises and lots of weird footage. You care many things to survive until 6am, and stay away from the animatronics’s attack.
Get ready to become the guardian of the night of survival, and enjoy one of the great genres of FNaF fan games.


By: EXsc0RD @LaRDeNGames

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