Bad Time Trio (OFFICIAL) [Undertale Fan Game]

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Bad Time Trio (OFFICIAL) [Undertale Fan Game] Free Download will create an attraction for fans of the Undertale (Toby Fox) series. The game is one of the standalone versions of the popular Undertale series.

Players not only experience the appeal of the world of Undertale, but you also face three brand new monsters.

An overview of the game

lol_mcatr is the developer of the game, and he released the game on gamejolt in mid-2018. The game received a lot of positive reviews from the gamejolt community.

You can download the game for free, and you should show interest in lol_mcatr’s dedication. The game also has contributions from other members such as Pongy, Ace, JedoTime.


Bad Time Trio (OFFICIAL) [Undertale Fan Game] creates many attractive points such as:

  • The game introduces a brand new trio of monsters in the Undertale universe. Each character not only possesses special attacks, but they also have their unique points.
  • The gameplay bears many similarities to Toby Fox’s Undertale. Of course, the game also has many unique upgrades.
  • The game’s music playlist is exciting. You can use music playlists to create exciting moments.


In short, the Bad Time Trio is genuinely a powerful group of monsters. You need to focus and use all your skills to win the game.

Download the game to discover all the significant challenges from lol_mcatr!


by: lol_mcatr @lol_mcatr

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