CHASE: Animatronics

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CHASE: Animatronics Free Download has updated the items you can use in your game. These items will help you win this FNAF game, one time for all!

About CHASE: Animatronics

CHASE: Animatronics download-adds a lot of things to your game. And each one of them will lead you to the world of 16-bit monsters.

CHASE: Animatronics Free Download
CHASE: Animatronics
  • Coins: this will be needed all the time. You need to collect them all and use them to buy new features.
  • Button: players will see them in their game, and this is used to open/close the doors.
  • Pizza: you will get one of these when you have 100 coins collected.
  • Soda: use this, and your speed will be faster.
  • Flashlight: CHASE: Animatronics give this to you so you can buy it sometime. And the way it works will stun your enemy.
  • Purple tool: it helps you to stay invisible for a short time. In the last wave we have, this will be needed for your gameplay.

We also have 4 monsters, and each one of them will chase you till the end. Your job in these FNAF games will be run and run before the machines can catch you. Or you will be their dinner in this horror restaurant.


by: Team EKS @TeamEKS

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