Dark Deception

4.8/5 - (61 votes)

Dark Deception Free Download might not be a free game, but its content will be amazing. When coming to this game, you will have your time to explore some dark corner of the place.

The place we are talking about will be the horror place where you have your run. In this game, running and gathering souls will be the only way for you to win. And we also add some new modes that you can join.

Power System:

This will be a new thing we have in Dark Deception. Players can run and then gather diamonds to unlock their power. These powers will be the key for you to win the monsters. You can run faster, hit the machine, and many other abilities!

Unique Enemies:

There will be no stupid monsters in this game. They come with AI. And they will run as fast as they can to catch you.

The Dark Deception Horror game will bring you more info about this game. It is not free and comes with amazing features!


by Glowstick Entertainment  @GlowstickEntertainment

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