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DARK MURDERS Free Download will send you to a place where people die for no reason. And you could be the next one who dies in this horror FNAF World.


DARK MURDERS Download allows players to have more than just a big fear. All we have for you will be shown in the next five nights. There will be monsters, machines, demons, sound, and effect. They all come to you and give you the most significant fear ever.

DARK MURDERS Free Download

The main story in this game will be about Simon’s Restaurant. You will have to work for this place as a night security guard. The time of this place will be fast at day and slow at night.

Each night players have to fight with machines. And the machines they have to fight with will relate to the Freddy horror game. One by one will come and then take your life away. FNAF World will be where they come from and will be where you need to send them back.

DARK MURDERS is a horror game, and we have some new updates you need for this game. As long as you have your time, explore this place. You will soon know what you should do to survive!


by: Amjed Bn @Amjed-Bn-PLM

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