Dayshift at Pepperoni 2

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Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 definitely does not waste your time for any reason. Download the game for free and you will have unbelievable experiences.


The game comes with a thrilling story where the player will put themselves into the shoes of the main character. This time, the story occurs in Freddy’s Pepperonerie which is certainly a perfect choice for customers to have experiences full of happiness. The location announces that they need to hire a worker. That is the reason why you are here and get this job.

What you have to do is to put on a mascot suit that will bring you incredible experiences in your workplace. It is worth noting that the suit you are wearing is able to kill you anytime so remember to be careful. Furthermore, you need to take responsibility for cleaning floors, fixing robots, and many assigned jobs.


  • The game comes with a unique dialogue window
  • The players can enjoy bigger maps
  • Instead of making the crappy mouse control, the players will use the keyboard control.
  • There are three different levels in the game: Flashback, Dayshift, and Mini-game.
  • A lot of different endings to enjoy.
  • And more

Get ready to download Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 for free here and start things off.


by: Pato Fanático @Pato_Fanatico

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