Disneyland Madrid: Chapter 0

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Disneyland Madrid: Chapter 0 Free Download brings a world of horror animation. You will meet scary animatronics like Mickey and Donald Duck.

Disneyland Madrid: Chapter 0 Download is a horror version of Mickey’s animated world. Players will have moments of fun and terrifying entertainment!

Download the game right here and enjoy the new story!

An overview of the game

The game belongs to SuperiorOscar87gvd. The game is free and easy to install.

The game took place in 1994. Players must uncover the painful secret of Disneyland Madrid amusement park. The truth is so sad!

Check out the fun of the game below!


Disneyland Madrid: Chapter 0 has many new features, including:

  • The game features scary animatronics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. You will have exciting moments with familiar cartoon characters.
  • The game uses the familiar gameplay of Scott Cawthon, which is point-to-click.
  • The game has sharp graphics and horror sounds. You can see haunting scenes.
  • The game is challenging and beautiful.


In short, the game will give you new fun on endless nights. If you love the horror genre, then you will love this game.

Check out Disneyland Madrid: Chapter 0 download and get ready for the ultimate horror tour!


by: SuperiorOscar87gvd @SuperiorOscar87gvd

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